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Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Looking for a painless removal of ear wax, we offer microsuction for earwax removal.

What is microsuction?

Microsuction is one of the safest methods to clean the ear. Our trained pharmacist or nurse looks at your ear using a microscope. This magnifies the ear, making it easier to assess and treat. A suction device is used to clean the ear without the use of water. The gentle suction device works in a similar way to a vacuum cleaner and although it can be quite noisy, it is quick and painless. If the object being removed is hard, then removal can be slightly uncomfortable. Our health professional performing the procedure will always advise you if they feel it is going to be uncomfortable.

When microsuction is being used to remove wax, then the procedure tends to be less uncomfortable if a wax softening spray (for example, Earol® olive oil spray which can be purchased over the counter) is used for two nights before, and on the morning of, the appointment.

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Preventing earwax build-up

You can't prevent earwax. It's there to protect your ears from dirt and germs.

But you can keep using eardrops to soften the wax. This will help it fall out on its own and should prevent blocked ears.

Causes of earwax

You might have earwax build-up because:

  • you just have more wax in your ears – some people do naturally
  • you have hairy or narrow canals (the tubes that link the eardrum and outer ear)
  • of your age – wax gets harder and more difficult to fall out
  • of hearing aids, earplugs and other things you put in your ear – these can push the wax further in

How to tell if your ear is blocked with earwax

You can have:

  • earache
  • difficulty hearing
  • itchiness
  • dizziness
  • an ear infection
  • sounds such as high-pitched tones coming from inside the ear (tinnitus)