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Medichecks Phlebotomy Clinic

Medichecks Phlebotomy Clinic

We are a Medichecks Phlebotomy Clinic.

Medichecks.com Ltd is the UK’s leading provider of online health checks and blood tests with a quick turn around and doctor’s interpretation included. Medichecks has over 15 years of experience and have provided over 3 million results to patients across the UK. They offer over 900 different blood tests, some of our categories include: Adrenal & Fatigue, Allergies & Nutrition, B12 & Anaemia, Bladder & Bowel, Cancer Markers, Diabetes, Energy & Weight Loss, Fertility & Pregnancy, Health Screens, Heart Disease, Hormones, Liver & Kidney, Men’s Health, Sports & Performance, Thyroid Health, Travel & Immunology and Women’s Health 


How it works:


  1. Order a test from Medichecks.com online
  2. You will receive your kit through the post
  3. Contact our clinic to arrange an appointment
  4. Bring your vacutainer blood sample collection kit to the appointment.
  5. Our phlebotomist draws the sample, adds labels and returns it to you to post to the lab